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Why should we have a first dance? / Is a first dance important?

A first dance is symbolic of the newly wed couple beginning a delicate dance through life together. You should have it because it's tradition and it's a beautiful moment for you and your guests.  Not to mention, it gives you and your man/woman a moment to hold each other and just be alone... on the dance floor... in the middle of your reception hall... with all your friends and family watching. But don't stress... you've come to the right place!


How many lessons do we need?

It depends on your goal. If you want to learn simply a few steps, dips, and cuddles, we recommend at least 5 lessons. If you would like full choreography, we recommend 10 lesson, if not more depending on the length of your song(s). 


When should we start taking lessons?

Totally up to you. If you have time 4 months before your wedding - do it then. If you have 5 weeks leading up to the big day - that's a great time to start too. It's usually beneficial to take lessons leading up to your big day, but we understand that schedules can be crazy. Practicing is key! 


What styles of dance do you teach?

Excellent question! Please see our page.


What song should we choose for our first dance?

Something that suits you and your forever "plus 1". Try googling "most popular first dance songs" and see if you like any of those results. And don't feel you need to be limited to just one song... a little music editing can make a magical first dance track!


How long should our dance be?

Aim for 2/2.5 minutes. Anything more than that, your guests may begin to get squirrly. That being said, it is your special day so it can be as long as you want it to be. Just remember, the longer the song, the more dancing.


Can you help us with Father/Daughter or Mother/Son dances? How about our wedding party? 

We can work with you on ANY dance. Package pricing applies to Bride/Groom, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son dances. Same sex couples always welcome! Package prices will vary for wedding parties.

Is it possible to learn some other dance styles that we can use at our reception?

Yes! We certainly can teach you a few steps to a different dance style that you can keep in your back pocket for when it's time to boogie down at your reception (time permitting, of course). 


Can you come to our wedding and dance with our guests?

Yes! We can! We love weddings! Contact us for pricing.

Why is having First Dance choreography important?

It takes some of the pressure off of this moment if you prepared in advance. Yes, this moment is about you and your man/woman. And yes, all of your family and friends will be watching this moment. Come and take a few lessons from us and you will see how simple, fun, and low-stress it can be to prepare a few steps, dips, and cuddles.  


We want a low-key dance without choreography; we just want to feel relaxed and comfortable on the floor...can you do that?

Absolutely! For something like this, we would recommend at least 5 lessons. We will teach you how to enter and exit the floor and we will prepare steps and dips that suit your song, personality, and (of course) the gown. 


What should we wear to our lesson?

Wear comfortable clothing and well fitting shoes. Please bring your wedding shoes with you because you will definitely need to get comfortable dancing in those.


I want to dance in heels, can you help me?

Yes! Oh, please let us help you! So many ladies are so so beautiful on their special day but then they put those 3-inch heels on and walk around like a new born baby giraffe on its way to greet Simba. You will not be one of those brides, well, at least not for your first dance, if you come see us. Bring your wedding shoes to your first lesson.  


Our wedding is in 2 weeks! Can you help?

Yes! Contact us today. Quick!


What if we’ve never danced before?

No problem! We can work with all levels and ability.


Can you edit our music or put our 2 favorite songs together? What if we band?

We definitely can edit your music or put 2 songs together. Or 3! If you are having a live band, we only ask that you provide us with the song the band will be playing in the closest style. 


What are your instructors qualifications?

Well, all of our instructors at Demidov Dance Studio are awesome, for one! All of our instructors are also registered professionals with the National Dance Council of America. Our Wedding Dance Specialist, Kristina, has a passion for teaching wedding couples and she excels at it. Learn more about us and our staff!    


Can I purchase First Dance lessons as a gift?

Absolutely! What a great gift!? Contact us and we will prepare a certificate for you to present.

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