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Policies and Pricing

Packages and Pay-As-You-Go pricing available. For information on pricing,

please contact us directly.

Cancellation & Payment Policy

  1. If you are unable to attend your private lesson(s), please give notice 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson(s).

  2. If notice is given less than 24 hours before your scheduled private lesson(s) or you do not attend your lesson(s), you will be charged for the lesson(s).

  3. Illnesses and emergencies happen. Special consideration will be made under these circumstances.

  4. Payment is due at the time of service. Packages must be paid in full at your first lesson. We accept cash, check, or Venmo.

Dress Code

  1. Please wear clothing that you can move in.  Slacks, yoga pants, skirts, t-shirts, blouses, shirts, and/or dresses are acceptable.

  2. Please avoid tight jeans, sweats, shorts, and other clothing that restricts movement.

  3. Women, please wear tights or bloomers when necessary.

  4. Proper fitting ballroom shoes, practice shoes, or character shoes are required. Beginners are welcome to wear well-fitting flats, low heels, or sneakers. Bring your wedding shoes!

  5. Because you will be dancing close with a partner, good hygiene is essential. No strong smelling colognes, perfumes, or body sprays.  Mints are permitted on the floor.  Embrace the sweat and bring a change of clothes if necessary.


  1. Arrive on time and be prepared for class (warmed-up and shoes changed).

  2. No street shoes, food, gum or beverages (including water) on the dance floor. 

  3. No talking in the studio while a private lesson is in session.

  4. You may practice on the floor while a private lesson is being taught.  The instructor reserves the right to deny the practice time if the floor space is needed or if the practice becomes disruptive to the private lesson. 

  5. Warming up and stretching quietly in the studio while a private lesson is in session is permitted.

  6. Inform your instructor if you are ill or have an injury before beginning any class.

  7. The studio reserves the right to hold multiple private lessons on the dance floor at one time.

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