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Nicole Ann | October 14, 2018

It was my husband's dream for him and I to Waltz around the floor for our first dance like Belle and The Beast. I, being way less outgoing than him, agreed only because I knew it meant so much to him. He did his research, as he always does, looking for a dance studio around Pittsburgh that fit our needs. He found Demidov Dance and loved what they had to offer. 

I was pretty nervous for our first class, not really knowing what to expect. We met our instructor, Jenn, and I instantly felt relieved, comfortable and excited! Jenn is so incredibly down to earth and welcoming. She is also extremely talented and knows her stuff. Matt had sent her the song that we wanted to dance to and she choreographed the entire 4+ minutes. 

Before our first class, I thought we would just be twirling around the dance floor, but Jenn had so much more in mind! She taught us the box step, rotating box, turn step, progressive step, underarm turn and SO MUCH MORE! including a lift! It was actually way easier then it looks! We had about 2 months before the wedding when we started at Demidov Dance. We met with Jenn twice, sometimes 3 times a week and learned more and more choreography each class. By our last week, we finalized the entire dance and ran it over and over to make sure we got it. Jenn even recorded us dancing so that we could review the video if we forgot anything at home. We were SO excited to show everyone at our wedding! It went perfectly!!! We couldnt thank Jenn enough. Honestly, it was one the most incredible experiences of our lives. It was so much fun and we would LOVE to take more classes just for fun. Seriously, it was well worth the time and money. When are you going to have another opportunity to ballroom dance in front of your friends and family?

Chelsea | August 29, 2018

My husband and I got our first dance for our wedding choreographed by Jenn and we had a blast! We would definitely recommend anyone using them for their dancing needs! She is very encouraging and was very helpful for my husband who had zero dance experience! Jenn took the time to allow us to give her our opinions and tailored the dance to be exactly what we wanted!

Krista Marie | August 29, 2018

Jenny was our dance teacher and choreographer for our wedding first dance. She was so sweet and very knowledgeable. She helped make our dance personal and so much fun. She helped make our special day even more spectacular. I would recommend Demidov Dance to anyone and everyone. We hope to go back for group dances now!

Rebecca Jane | August 19, 2018

My husband and I are taking lessons from Jenn Davidson, a long time student of Dmitry, and a dance instructor for Demidov Dance. She is a fabulous instructor. Since we are beginners, we feel that this is the best of both worlds, since Jenn has learned from the best! My husbands confidence level has skyrocketed under her tutelage, and I’m learning to follow. Yes, it’s true! We are seeing improvement with every lesson. Well worth the money!

Lish Beth | October 12, 2017

We cannot say enough about how amazing Demidov Dance is! Dimitri contacted us within an hour of submitting an inquiry and asked us when we would like to start. We decided we wanted dance lessons very late in the process of planning our wedding (a month before to be exact). Dimitri asked me how long we had before we got married, and when I told him how many classes we had time for, he indicated that they/we could definitely make that work. He provided us with our dance instructors phone number immediately and had us setup right away. Jenn was our dance teacher. We again cannot say enough about Jenn. When we came to our first session, we did not know what to expect. The bride-to-be took ballet when she was younger (ages 5-10), and the groom-to-be had no dance experience. We were both very nervous, and Jenn started us off nice and easy and built it up from there. During our first class, we got a minute through our song and learned all of our steps. From there, it just got better and better each time. When we got frustrated with each other if we made mistakes, Jenn reminded us that at the end of the day, it didn't matter if we perfected our routine, but that we have fun while doing it. Jenn was also very complimentary, and if we didn't like a step (which didn't happen), she told us she could take anything out and change/modify it to how we wanted it. After every session, Jenn went home and filmed all of our steps, then sent them to us so we could practice at home - this definitely helped us succeed far beyond our expectations because we knew exactly what we had to practice before our next class. At our last lesson, Jenn gave us a congratulations card, which brought tears to our eyes - it was so thoughtful and so kind. Jenn and Dimitri made us feel like family/long-term friends that they had known forever. We felt so comfortable during every lesson, and on the last day, we nailed our routine. In the future, if we need/want more classes for a fun date night, we will most definitely get in touch with Demidov Dance. We cannot say enough nice things about them, and we are very much looking forward to doing our dance in front of our family and friends (which we have been keeping as a surprise) at our wedding on Sunday! Our wedding would not be the same without them!

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